Our Expertise

What we offer

At I Apparel, we are always ready to take your calls. We understand the different needs of every customer and go the extra mile to provide tailored services & full solutions, to your creative process from concept to execution.

Our product development team assists our clients to develop new products through the use of latest technologies and manufacturing techniques.

Our R&D team also customizes and innovates new manufacturing processes in order to optimise the production process and costs, as we continue towards our vision of lean manufacturing.

Our Quality Assurance team also goes through a stringent check of all our manufacturing processes and materials. We also employ Quality Inspectors to be located at our suppliers' offices to ensure that our stringent quality are being met.

We also handle various VMI programmes for our existing clients through the sharing of data and inventory levels in order to deliver goods for replenishment for our customers.

We invest heavily into our IT infrastructure as well as our cloud ERP system "Apparel Ezi". The usage of latest technologies allows us to respond to our customers promptly and accurately as well as being able to monitor the whole production process with accurate data and analysis.