About Us

Our approach

I Apparel International Group was established in 2015. We currently have offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia, with a combined workforce of approximately 5,000. Working with world class apparel brands, we strive deliver and offer our clients the best products at the right cost with on-time delivery.

We are keen users and learners of technology and data analytics, and strongly believe that by adopting key technological advances into our production processes can increase our efficiencies and productivity as well as providing real-time data and analytics to our staff, partners and clients.

Our people are our biggest asset. We strongly believe in constantly updating our workforce with the latest curriculums and skillsets in order to constantly look to innovate and disrupt.

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded as one of the winners of Enterprise 50 Awards 2018 in Singapore.

Our Mission

"To develop passionate talents and product innovation for our clients."

"To drive effective and efficiency through lean manufacturing."

Our core values

PASSION - We take pride in what we do and deliver excellent performance.

BODY - We care for, help one another and work as one.

EQUALITY - We share our workload, responsibilities and achievements with no prejudice or preference.

SUSTAINABILITY - We are socially responsible manufacturer, who abide by laws and regulations, care for the environment and contribute back to the community we serve.

Our Vision

To build relationships and reliability as a renowned apparel supply partner.

Our Strength

  • Experienced and passionate team

  • “One-stop solutions” - creative to customers ( First sales readiness)

  • Sustainable lean manufacturing

  • Technology driven

  • Corporate social responsibility and quality assurance empowerment

Sustainable Lean Manufacturing

We manufacture our products in Eco Friendly factory in which we Recycle, Reuse and Reduce all our energy, water and materials.

Our People

Mr Ang Boon Chong (Albert) is the CEO of I Apparel International Group (IAIG) since 2015. He has had deep knowledge and extensive experience in the apparel manufacturing industry for over 30 Years. He was previously COO for Ocean Sky Limited, a Singapore Listed Company who was involved in Apparel Manufacturing.

Since his appointment, he has personally engineered and oversaw the transformation IAIG from a small time contract manufacturer into a major player in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry. With his wealth of experience in the industry spanning the last twenty years, Mr Ang plays a vital role in providing overall directions and strategic planning on the daily management of the group. Tapping on Mr Ang's industry experience and reputation, IAIG is on track to meet the company growth plans.

I Apparel International Group -- CEO

Ms Alison Chong is the COO of I Apparel International Group (IAIG) since inception. She plays a pivotal role in steering the Group’s business development and customer relationship management. She is also responsible for the Group’s business policies and expansion plans, particularly in the areas of marketing, merchandising, product development and production.

Ms Chong is also responsible for the planning and implementation of marketing strategies in identifying and developing new business and client base globally. She also oversees the team in the sourcing of raw materials and fabric supplies worldwide. She also manages our group’s Hong Kong sales office and leads the team on achieving our sales targets. She also keeps abreast of all the latest trends related to the industry in order to sharpen the Group’s competitive edge. Ms Chong has been in the apparel industry for more than 20 years and is vastly experienced in many facets of the apparel industry.

I Apparel International Group -- COO

Kelvin Chua is the CFO of I Apparel International Group Pte Ltd since 2017. He leads the finance team in overseeing all finance matters of the group. He has oversaw key new opportunities for capital funding, and evaluates and reports on investment and financing options to both CEO and COO. Mr Chua is also responsible for the overall planning and management of our Group’s financial, taxation and corporate governance functions. He is also driving our group’s risk assessment, compliance, audit, and corporate governance practices. He also maintains a close working relationship with our Group’s bankers in securing banking and credit facilities.

Mr Chua began his professional career in OCBC as a banker before joining Sarasin and Standard Chartered as a private banker. There, he advised High Net Worth individuals on their private wealth management. Mr Chua graduated from Monash University in Melbourne with a Bachelor in Commerce, Accounting and Finance.

I Apparel International Group -- CFO